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With oxygen present, aerobic bacteria will grow and reduce your nutrients in your pond up to 80 times faster than if no oxygen is present. The little bit of nutrients that remain will be absorbed by the plants and algae in your pond which time get eaten by grass carp and aquatic bugs.

An electric aerator is the most popular and works best if turned on during the night when oxygen levels are lowest. This also aids in keeping the entire pond cooler by exposing more pond water to the cool air at the pond surface at night.

Floating Fountains add beauty while aerating the pond as well. 1/4 hp to 2 hp fountains are available for purchase at Ackenberry Trout Farm. Five interchangeable nozzles are included to create 5 unique spray patterns to make a stunning center display.

Next - STOCK GRASS CARP & TROUT IN YOUR POND - GRASS CARP have been used in Alberta ponds as an effective control of a large number of aquatic weeds including duck weed, filamentous algae and many other pond weeds. Grass Carp are herbivourous and strictly vegetation feeders.

Carp provide a safe, biological weed control alternative for ponds.

Grass Carp are routinely stocked with RAINBOW TROUT. These colorful fish are fun fishing, nutritious, and relaxing as well Rainbow Trout are used to keep irrigation screens and water pumps free of fresh water shrip and other bugs that may clog your systems.

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